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Rules for Dapur Desa Restaurant Franchise



Dapur Desa side will be known as : Franchisor

Patent Customer will be known as : Franchisee


General Rules :

  1. Must be on big city with large population on it.
  2. Must have a stategic location. For this time, focus for location at : Jln. Ahmad Yani and Jln. Jemursari , SURABAYA and Kota Gresik, East Java.
  3. Location must be a private property or at least 5 years rented property.
  4. All building and design cost are Franchisee responsibility.
  5. Must have a large parking lot.
  6. All equipment and material cost are Franchisee responsibility.


Additional Rules :

  1. Employee can be recruit from Franchisee city.
  2. Employee salary is fitted with general salary on Franchisee city.
  3. Employee for special task can be recruit from Surabaya.
  4. All training, accomodation, transportation are Franchisee responsibility.
  5. Franchisor will be inherit System Operation Procedure for Franchisee.
  6. Franchisee Fee will be fitted with Franchisee investment value (beetween range 2.5% until 5%) for 5 years.
  7. Royalty Fee is 5% from total omzet before tax.
  8. Signed contract will be arrange after agreement between Franchisee and Franchisor has achieved.
  9. Survey will be held on Franchisee location and all cost is Franchisee responsibility.
  10. Others rules which not mentioned above will be arrange later.


Contact : 031-5463999 / 08523180535. for further information.


Thank You,


Dapur Desa